Saike Kuzushiro is the main character and eponymous lead of Psyche Matashitemo Edit

"You gave this to me despite myself, God. The chance to change the future. Perhaps it's just a one-time miracle...
But... that's all I need.
God, I won't let this second 'Today' You've given me go to waste like the last one."
-Saike Kuzushiro, Take 001: Dream

Saike Kuzushiro (葛代 斎下) is the main protagonist of Psyche Matashitemo. Originally a boy without an objective or goals, he leads a lonely life until the moment when he discovers his ability to return back in time to the morning of the same day by drowning in Mogura pond.

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When his best friend Mikan was killed by a truck, Saike tried to drown himself in the nearby Mogura pond, leading to his discovery of his power. As a result of drowning himself in the pond, he has the ability to return to 7:00 of that morning.

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Mikan Karatachi is his best childhood friend, and only friend at the start of the series.