Saike Mata Shitemo (サイケまたしても Psyche Once Again) is a manga series written and drawn by Tsubasa Fukuchi, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday since July 9, 2014.

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Story SynopsisEdit

The manga follows an introverted boy, Saike Kuzushiro (first pronounced the same as "Psyche"), a third-year middle school student without dreams or motivation. Within his normal everyday life, the only one who dotes on him is his female childhood friend, Mikan. After witnessing her death in a road accident, he cries out to God and after attempting to drown himself, Saike wakes up in bed the previous morning, the day of the accident.

Will history repeat itself? Can he save Mikan? What power does he have to change the future?

Characters Edit


Saike Kuzushiro

Mikan Karatachi

Yumewo Kuroda