Mogura Pond

Mikan at Mogura pond in Take 002: Saike Once Again

"Just ignoring her won't do anything.

For some reason, Mikan will go to Mogura pond, no matter what happens."
-Saike Kuzushiro, Take 003: Infinite Loop
Mogura pond (もぐら池) is an important location in Saike Matashitemo.

Ten years before the start of the manga, Mikan Karatachi and Saike Kuzushiro were five years-old. Playing at the lake, when Mikan was drowning, Saike jumped in to save her, though neither could swim. They then buried a time capsule, writing letters to their fifteen year-old (current) selves.

After witnessing Mikan's death in a road accident, Saike jumps into the pond in frustration. He gains the ability to return to 7:00am of the morning he jumps in the pond.

Mogura pond is also the site of Saike's many battles and loops against Eiji Hizu.

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